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new publications of Novembre

Kyôgen script 5

The private school of wives

new publications of Octobre

Kyôgen script 4

False General

new publications of September

Kyôgen script 3

The overflying Doctor

Kyôgen script 2

Etchu people or love beautiful painting

new publications of August

Kyôgen script 1
Suppa’s Deceits


new publications of July

Detective story
Composition of Jealousy

new publications of June

Detective story

Stage of plagiarism

Philosophic essays

On Sartre and Beauvoir

April and March

Kabuki script

Adaptation of “La Tour de Nesle”, play by Alexandre Dumas

Hitoshi Nakata

Castle of Osaka, the tower of princesses of rancor; The sequel to the love of Yodo and Harunaga

film script

The time retrieved


The Beyond of the Labyrinth


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