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November 16 2023
Alexandre Dumas “Horoscope: The Louvre Palace on the eve of the Wars of Religion"





August 8 2023

Alexandre Dumas “A Gil Blas in California"

July 17 2023
Alexandre Dumas fils “A Prodigal Father"
4 April 2023
“Pros and cons for Scribe"
April 13 2023
Eugène Scribe “The glass of water"
February 24 2023
Eugène Scribe “A chain
December 10 2022

Eugène Scribe “Collection of Scribe Masterpieces of vaudeville: The Bear and the Pasha & The Diplomat






November 20 2022

Eugène Scribe “Battle of ladies"






November 10 2022

Hitoshi Nakata " The theory of Media of McLuhan"

October 20 2022
Albert Camus “The Fall"






August 4 2022

August 1 2022
Albert Camus “The misunderstanding"






May 10 2022

Alexandre Dumas “The midi of France, from Fontainebleau to Marseille

November 1 2021
Albert Camus “Caligula"





August 27 2021

The last shelter for female in Teramachi Kanazawa




August 27 2021

Alexandre Dumas “Caligula, tragedy in five acts in verse with Prologue"



June 26 2021
Eugène Scribe Germain Delavigne “La Muette de Portici"




May 14 2021年
Alexandre Dumas “Coricoro" 2e vol.






May 14 2021年
Alexandre Dumas “Coricoro" 1st vol.

December 20 2020
Albert Camus “ The Plague"






Azusa Machimura “Message from Saint-Exupéry


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