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What’s new

August 30 2021: The last shelter for female in Teramachi Kanazawa, a new novel

August 27 2021: CALIGULA, tragedy in five acts in verse with Prologue, translated in Japanese.

June 20 2021: La Muette de Portici






April 26 2021: The Corricolo (vol.2) of Alexandre Dumas, translated in Japanese.


February 10 2021:  The Corricolo (vol.1) of Alexandre Dumas, translated in Japanese.








December 20, 2020: The new translation of The Plage of Albert Camus.










June 20, 2020: A new author, Azusa Machimura, published the message from Saint Exupery.

サン=テグジュペリの伝言 from Saint-Exupery


Digitalestate Co., Ltd. publishes electronic publications and printed books from Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.


We can now publish books even in local cities outside of Tokyo.

Digitalestate Co., Ltd. is a company that edits and publishes e-books and print-on-demand (POD) books.We support anyone who wants to sell their books globally with electronic bookstores and print-on-demand.

From the starting point to today

The French translation of Takaaki Yoshimoto's “The Communal illusion” is the starting point for all.

  1. In 1984 Director Hitoshi Nakata of Digitalestate Co., Ltd. begins the French translation of “Joint Fantasy”. The entire 3/11 translation was brought to a major French publisher, Editor Gallimard, but did not publish.
    1987-1992 All translations are completed in 1987, but as an alternative to publishing in France, complete translation is published in five volumes in Kinjo Gakuin University Journal from 1988 to 1992.
  2. In 1984 Hitoshi Nakata begga the French translation of “The Communal illusion”.  The translation of 3/11 of The entire book was brought to a major French publisher, Edition Gallimar, but it was not published.
  3. 1987-1992 All translations are completed in 1987, but as an alternative to publishing in France, complete translation is published in five volumes in Kinjo Gakuin University Journal from 1988 to 1992.
  4. In 1996, instead of publication in France I converted it into an e-book with Voyager’s Expand Book, which was sold as a CD-ROM entitled “Takaaki Yoshimoto’s The communal Illusion” with Takaaki Yoshimoto’s voice.
  5. In 1999, I published as a co-author of Takaaki Yoshimoto “Michel Foucault and The communal Illusion” from Kobosha.
  6. In 2010, Kobundo changed its name to Digitalestate Co., Ltd. to become a publishing company, and started publishing novels “Detective Travel of Izumi Kagami” and “Izumi Kagami’s Travel Casebook” written by his wife Tomoko Takahama (pen name) . This year, E-books starts by fully launched EPUB3. E-books were available on Amazon, Apple’s iBooks, Kobo and Google Play Books. I also published an e-book version of  “L’Illusion commune", the French version of “The communal Illusion“.
  7. In 2012, after the closure of Kobosha, “Takaaki Yoshimoto Speaking of his The communal Illusion ” was revised and published as “Tomaki Yoshimoto and The communal Illusiony”.
  8. In 2015, I signed the contract with the Digital Publishing Organization (currently Media Do), and distributes the French version of «L’Illusion commune» to all electronic bookstores in Japan.
  9. In 2016, under the contract with Media Do, we started publishing print books on Print On Demand (POD) from First, publish a POD of the French version of the electronic book version «L’Illusion commune» of “Cooperative Fantasy" However, it is not possible to sell POD books outside of Japan by, so through the subsidiary CreateSpace (currently out of business), the international version of POD «L’Illusion commune».
  10. In March 2017, the French version «Commentary sur L’ Illusion commune souhaitée par Michel Foucault» was published as a POD and an e-book on the occasion of exhibiting at LivreParis 2017.

Mako Takahama Works

Atsuko Takahama’s writing speed is fast, and the work that originally started with detective mystery has gradually evolved into a magnificent geography and history romance. Go to the details page.

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Alexandre Dumas Drama Collection

Many people has heard “Three Musketeers” and “The Count of Monte Cristo”,etc. but very few people are really studying Alexandre Dumas.  It’s because his works are too amusing to study seriously. But first of all, Dumas, who was a theatrical author, performed 117 plays, but unfortunately, none of them had no Japanese translation. So I am very happy to publish translations for the first time.

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Kaori Tachibana Works

The author, Kaori Tachibana, was born in Nagoya and opened his eyes to the world of Waka when he was in high school.

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Digital Estate Co., Ltd. supports anyone who wants to sell their books globally through electronic bookstores and print-on-demand. See here for publishing support.

French online self-study site started

We started “French self-study site" called Allons-y! In our subdomain. Please use it if you want to polish your French skills.


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