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Digitalestate Inc. is a company specialized in electronic publishing & Print on demand (POD) paper book. From February 2015 we are selling at almost all electronic bookstores in Japan (and around the world).
Since June 2016, we have supported printing on demand. Print on demand is a service delivered from Amazon and Sanseido as print books to readers. For this reason there is no additional work for the author. We will do the work of converting EPUB of electronic book production into printing data.

Production flow

  1. Major publications :The main publications are novels, plays, and dissertations. He often translates from French to Japanese and from Japanese to French.
  2. Manuscript creation: Taira Nakata / Takako Nakata are almost all authors. Taira Nakata prepares with Pages on Mac. Takako Nakata prepares with Word
  3. Create print-on-demand PDF material from your manuscript in InDesign. The cover is made with Illustrator and delivered as PDF.
  4. Convert it to data based on InDesign data, write xhtml with a text editor mi, and prepare it into an electronic book (EPUB 3).
  5. Print out the PDF and proofread the characters, and at the same time proofread the ebook.
    It will be completed in about 4 proofreads.
  6. It will be released through Media Do. Print on Demand is Amazon and Rakuten Books.

The following e-bookstores are available in Japan.

    1. Amazon Kindle
    2. BookLive!
    3. Kinokuniya WEB STORE
    4. IBooks
    5. Google Play Books
    6. Yahoo!Bookstore
    7. Rakuten Kobo
    8. ReaderStore
    9. HikariTVBooks
    10. Bookpass
    11. dBook
    12. Galapagos Store
    13. DMM
  • Print On Demand: Amazon, Rakuten and Sanseido

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