Information of 2 Fevrary 2017


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Digitalestate Inc.

Exhibitor list of LivreParis web page has been released.

Happy New Year!

March 24 – 27

we are preparing now to open a store in LIVREPARIS.

Digitalestate Inc. is the company specialized in publishing the digital book and printing on demand (IAD). We will support people who are thinking about producing books and selling in electronic bookshops around the world.

We began print-on-demand!

Print-on-demand (POD) services to deliver printed book publications, we handle in Amazon and Sanseido. Those who want paperbook rather than e-book, please purchase it. Sanseido print-on-demand is described in detail in a separate page (in Japanese), please refer to it.

Newly published (2016 – 2017)


The play script “Kanazawa-East, West, Shyu and North " was published.


drama scenario “Osaka Castle-the gold tea caddy disappeared" was released.


Translation of Alexandre Dumas’s play “Henri III and his court" was finally completed. We also released a print-on-demand print book.

The print-on-demand book of “The Tower of Nesle" was published.


Print-on-demand version of “the life of three weeks in Paris ~ living an apartment in Montparnasse" was published. It is a full color version.

Hyakunin Isshu Love " was released on print-on-demand and e-book.

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