Kyôgen 4 False General

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Kyôgen script

Three acts with a prologue

adaptation of Molière‘s play “Amphitryon” (1671)

Hitoshi Nakata


“False General” is the adaptation of the comic play “Amphitryon” by Molière, French actor, playwright and theatrical organizer in the 17th century to revive it as a piece of Kyôgen, traditional Japanese art. 

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False General

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Act I: Monologue by Jiro Kaja. He complains of having to walk alone at night. He repeats what he will tell Ayame about the war. Taro kaja wants to prevent Jiro Kaja from entering. He proves to him that he is not really Jiro Kaja. Taro kaja does not hesitate to beat Jiro Kaja. Scene between Taiko and Ayame. She thinks she has spent the night with General. Taiko, in his farewells, asks her to think more of the lover than the husband. Dispute between Ruri and Taro kaja (who has the appearance of Jiro Kaja) because it does not tell him any more beautiful words.

Act II: Jiro Kaja tries in vain to explain to General what happened to him. General does not believe it. He thinks he’s crazy, drunk or tired. General and Ayame meet again. He learns from her that they spent the night together. The misunderstanding became extinct. General goes to get the brother of Ayame. Discussion between Ruri and Jiro Kaja. They talk about what he supposedly did the night before. So, Taiko comes back to appease Ayame. She answers that she would like to see all men in hell. Taiko tries to forgive the lover. Ayame is very angry. He asks her to forgive him or tell her to kill himself. She forgives him. Jiro Kaja tries to be reconciled with Ruri who refuses what makes him angry.

Act III: General does not find his brother-in-law! He wonders about this story. He wants to re-question Ayame. Discussion between Taro kaja and General. Taro kaja prevents him from entering and tells him that the real General is already inside. General is talking about revenge. General wants to punish Jiro Kaja but he does not know why. Meeting between General and Taiko. Taiko talks about proving that he is the real General. Second meeting between Taro kaja and Jiro Kaja. Taro kaja is telling the truth. He admits to having beaten Jiro Kaja for no reason. He says that Taiko went down to Ayame. Taiko appears and tells himself how faithful Ayame is. He announces the coming birth of Hercules. He asks General to forget his hatred and take this event as an honor rather than the opposite.

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