Kyôgen 11 Yamakan or The Imaginary Cuckold

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Kyôgen script

one act

adaptation of Molière‘s play “Sganarelle, or The Imaginary Cuckold (166o)

Hitoshi Nakata


“Yamakan or The Imaginary Cuckold” is the adaptation of the comic play “Sganarelle, or The Imaginary Cuckold by Molière, French actor, playwright and theatrical organizer in the 17th century to revive it as a piece of Kyôgen, traditional Japanese art. 

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Yamakan or The Imaginary Cuckold

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The scene is Kyoto, at the shrine of Yasaka Shinto

Although Ayame has the lover Ayunosuke, his father Gonzaemon forces her to marry Semimaru whose property is considerable. Ayame, fainting, drops a portrait of Ayunosuke with her hand. When the maid looks for help, Yamakan comes in and cares for the girl. His wife, who sees the scene by chance, thinks he is cheating on her. She picks up and contemplates the portrait, which suggests to Yamakan, back, that she has a lover. They suspect each other of the partner’s infidelity. Ayunosuke, who has returned from the trip, is upset by rumors that Ayame is marrying another man.

While comparing the figure with Ayunosuke, Yamakan unjustly suspects him as the wife’s adultery, Ayunosuke misunderstands Yamakan as Ayame’s new bridegroom. This misunderstanding suffers Yamakan and poisons Ayuunosuke, but an unexpected end awaits them. It’s a wonderful comedy with remarkable intrigues for one act.

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