Case Files of Professor Kagami Izumi


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Case Files of Professor Kagami Izumi; Milano, Èze, Matsue, Sannai-maruyama




Takahama Makiko

Professor Izumiko studying folklore studies at a girls’ university in Nagoya goes on a research trip with female students, but he is involved almost always in a strange incident on that journey. The scene of the incident is Milano, Èze (France) , Matsue, Sannai Maruyama, etc. The record for the study has become a case book as well.

About the author

Author Takahama Mako is a mysterious person, apparently I know that Professor Kagami Izumi seems to be involved.

table of contents

Milan murder case
Mystery of Assisi
Ez missing case
Matsue Castle murder case
Hirosaki Castle murder case
The monster of Sannai Maruyama ruins
Oni-oshidashi Murder Case
Nishin Goten murder case
Izuyama murder case
Perth kidnapping affair

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Case Files of Professor Kagami Izumi

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