The Beyond of the Labyrinth

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The Beyond of the Labyrinth

Mako Takahama


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The Beyond of the Labyrinth


Yoshisaburo Tatehayashi, a freelance journalist, was killed at IF Island in Marseille, France. Haruo Miyata, his friend had received a mysterious postcard from Tatebayashi saying he could rot away wandering away in a giant maze. Miyata who is a researcher of Alexander Dumas who wrote “The Count of Monte Cristo”, feels the fate of the hero Edmond Dantes who is wrongly accused of a crime and imprisoned on the Isle of If. He visits France to investigate the truth of the murder, counting on Sarria Michiki, a former friend and researcher of Cézanne who lives in Aix-en-Provence.

From the photograph left in the smartphone of Tatehayashi, he seems to have a follow-up report of the triangular relationship of Japanese actor Kou Tsuchihashi, actress Misuzu and their manager Junji Fukami. Miyata Sari went to IF island to discover a Japan-made survival knife which can be seen to match the wound of the corpse of Tatehayashi. Soon, the body of the manager Fukami in turn was discovered in Monte Cristo island. And after they investigate what happened in the Monte Cristo island, they found that Tsuchihashi and Misuzu borrow a cruiser for a week from Marseille marina.

Returned to Japan, Miyata is taught by his friend Nomoto, administrator of a golf course in Shizuoka valuable information as witness to the triangular relationship between the actor couple and manager. As the closest person to the truth of the event, Miyata is not only exposed to the curiosity of people attending his extension course requested by the university, he is also poked by the magazine called Autumn Literature (pronunciation Japanese “as” automatic “) to which he had signed the contract to write articles.

Finally, he also received baptism as a “live” phone commentator to the Morning Show program, then he had to be chased by Mass media.

In addition, he conducts an interview in “Theater World” introduced by Sarria, in which he is forced for the first time to confront the Tsuchihashi-Misuzu couple directly.


To begin the two actors who already become the starring actors of theater “The Count of Monte-Cristo” which will be staged this year, should not be able to refuse the interview for the reference of the role and the publicity of the scene that passes through the islands of Monte Cristo and If.

and Misuzu say they accompanied Junji Fukami to the island of Sardinia but did not go to the island of Monte Cristo because they had sent him away. Independent action and death on the island of Monte-Cristo de Fukami remained enveloped in mystery.

His sister Hitomi, who had received a letter of mystery from Fukami, wants to go to Italy again to elucidate the cause of the brother of death, which becomes Miyata escort him to the island of Monte Cristo in Counting on the Italian Andrea by the direction of Sarria.

The note written by Junji Fukamis is there. All circumstantial evidence points to the crime of Tsuchihashi. Miyata’s conference organized by Hinomaru (the Japanese flag) Cultural Center at Otemon on the novels of French Romanticism was filled with a lot of public, including media who want to know the details of the incident.

On the other hand, Hitomi returns from Italy accompanied by Andrea, fanatic of Japan. Miyata asks his friend Yuichi Kitao, a criminal psychologist and manager of a geisha house on the love triangle and assassination impulse on the way to visiting Kyoto with Andrea, without finally reaching an interpretation Reasonable except for tourism in Kyoto. The Sari sent him the news from France saying the fishing boat of Elba dragged uno zaino (a backpack) of Junji Fukami by the propeller. However, although the circumstantial evidence of two murders suggests that the crimes are committed by Tsuchihashi alone or Misuzu’s complicity, they firmly deny until the very end, the police can not arrest them.  Two murders stay unsolved. The investigation of the impasse shows a new deployment thanks to the obstinate research of Miyata and his friends.

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The Beyond of the Labyrinth

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