Detective travel of Professor Kamami Izumi


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Detective travel of Professor Kagami Izumi; Kanazawa, Kamakura, Saint-Germain en laye



Mako Takahama “Detective travel of Professor Kagami Izumi" (Amazon 1,575 yen tax included)

Takahama Makiko

Professor Izumiko studying folklore studies at a girls’ university in Nagoya goes on a research trip with female students, but he is involved almost always in a strange incident on that journey. The stage of the incident centered on Kanazawa, Kamakura, Saint-Germain-en-Laye (France, suburbs of Paris), elsewhere.

Especially when studying the culture and history of Kanazawa as a foothold of his second house there, he gets involved in some kind of incident. Should we say that it is a case book rather than a research record ? Since March 2015 when the Hokuriku Shinkansen was opened, the interest in Kanazawa has been much more increasing than before. I would be pleased if you would like to explore various cultural backgrounds with Professor Izumi.

About the author

Author Takahama Mako is a mysterious person, apparently I know that Professor Izumi seems to be involved.

table of contents

Kanazawa Misogura-cho murder case
Kanazawa Kazue-machi murder case
Saigawa murder case
Kenrokuen Kotoji Lantern Murder Case
Kanazawa Castle Ishikawa Gate murder case
Kamakura Kaido Murder Case
Kamakura Yuigahama murder case
Bancho murder case
Saint-Germain-en-Lay murder case
Kanazawa Utatsu-yama murder case
Noto Nakajima murder case

Detective travel of Professor Kagami Izumi; Kanazawa, Kamakura, Saint-Germain en laye e-book version released.

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Detective travel of Professor Kagami Izumi

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