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Digitalestate Inc. is a company specialized in electronic publishing & Print on demand (POD) paper book. We will support people who are thinking about producing e-book (and POD paper book) and selling at electronic bookstores. We will respond to consultation about production and sales support expenses.
From February 2015 we are selling at almost all electronic bookstores in Japan (and around the world).
Since June 2016, we have supported printing on demand. Print on demand is a service delivered from Amazon and Sanseido as print books to readers. For this reason there is no additional work for the author. We will do the work of converting EPUB of electronic book production into printing data.

To those who want to publish books

  • to publish a work
  • to publish a book by EPUB
  • to sell books at online stores
  • to selle print on demand book
  • to get author’s royalty

I will help this kind of person. Cost will be below.

  1. Each book costs 50,000 yen. (We will respond to consultation depending on the contents of book, so please do not hesitate to consult us.)
  2. This amount includes all of the following work fees
    1. Data preparation fee
    2. Proofreading (calibration/ re-school) fee
    3. Uploading to online store
    4. Data creation fee for print-on-demand
    5. Payment work of royalties (Author royalty of 10% of book price. In case of free, we can not pay royalty.)

Production flow

  1. Send us data. The required data are as follows: cover (with or without image) author name, title, body text, table of contents, body insert image(s)
  2. We will format it into e-book (EPUB 3). (It depends on the amount, but usually about 7 to 10 days)
  3. We will send you data. Please confirm the e-book with an e-book reader, and proofread the PDF with the print data sent by us. Please send back the corrected manuscript.
  4. We will correct the proof that you sent back. (It usually changes for about 8 days, depending on circumstances.)
  5. We will send the data again. Please confirm the e-book with the e-book reader and proofread with print data sent from us. Please send back the proof data. We will proceed this.
  6. We will complete the data. (It usually changes for about 5 days, depending on the case.)
  7. We upload the book to all online stores here.
    1. Amazon Kindle
    2. BookLive!
    3. Kinokuniya WEB STORE
    4. IBooks
    5. Google Play Books
    6. Yahoo!Bookstore
    7. Rakuten Kobo
    8. ReaderStore
    9. HikariTVBooks
    10. Bookpass
    11. dBook
    12. Galapagos Store
    13. DMM
  • Print On Demand: Amazon and Sanseido

Please fill the form of contact page for inquiries.


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